Taking\ the\ piss

Pulling someone's leg, putting them on. British origins. Also, ripping the piss, a superlative.

When Bob told me that the WTC towers were hit by hijacked terrorist airplanes, I thought he was taking the piss.

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  • Taking the piss — To take the piss is a British slang expression meaning to tease or ridicule. Take the mickey (or variations) are euphemistic ways of conveying this expression where the word piss may be vulgar. UsageThe term sometimes refers to a form of mockery… …   Wikipedia

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  • take the piss — British impolite 1) to say something to try to make someone look silly take the piss out of: His friends were taking the piss out of him. 2) to say or do something that annoys people because they think it is unreasonable £5 for a cup of coffee!… …   English dictionary

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