Picture a guy not too bright, very good looking otherwise. Could be more good looking if he didn't roll his shirt sleeves up so high and wear his pants so tight.

If you come across this type, you've just met a bohunk.

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  • Bohunk — 1903, U.S. derogatory slang for lower class immigrant from Central or Eastern Europe, probably from Bohemian + a distortion of Hungarian …   Etymology dictionary

  • bohunk — ☆ bohunk [bō′huŋk΄ ] n. [< BO(HEMIAN) + HUN(GARIAN) + k] Slang a person from EC Europe: a derisive or contemptuous term …   English World dictionary

  • bohunk — 1. n. a resident of or an immigrant from an Eastern European country, such as Poland, Hungary, etc. (A nickname. Can be perceived as derogatory. Usually objectionable.) □ The bohunks can really cook up some fine food. 2. n. an oafish person.… …   Dictionary of American slang and colloquial expressions

  • bohunk — noun Etymology: Bohemian + Hunk person of central European descent, by shortening & alteration from Hungarian Date: circa 1903 usually disparaging a person of central European descent or birth …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • bohunk — /boh hungk /, n. 1. Slang (disparaging and offensive). an unskilled or semiskilled foreign born laborer, esp. from east central or southeastern Europe. Cf. hunky2. 2. a rough, stupid person. [1900 05, Amer.; BO(HEMIAN) + HUNG(ARIAN), with… …   Universalium

  • bohunk — noun /ˈboʊhʌŋk/ a) An immigrant from Eastern or Central Europe. b) A brawny or coarse person …   Wiktionary

  • bohunk — n American an East European immigrant. This old term deriving from Bohemian/Hungar ian is offensive and occasionally still heard. It is synonymous with oaf …   Contemporary slang

  • bohunk — n. semiskilled worker or lower class immigrant or descendant from central or southeast Europe (offensive Slang); harsh and stupid person …   English contemporary dictionary

  • bohunk — [ bəʊhʌŋk] noun N. Amer. informal, derogatory an immigrant from central or SE Europe. Origin early 20th cent.: appar. from Bohemian + hunk, alt. of Hungarian …   English new terms dictionary

  • bohunk — bo·hunk …   English syllables

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