Used in place of thought or think.

Whoodah thunk I'd be the one they picked. Or; I guess I didn't thunk it through all the way.

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  • Thunk — es un término usado en la jerga del desarrollo de software que designa la llamada o invocación a un código que pertenece a otra plataforma o a otro Framework. En el paso de 16 a 32 bit por ejemplo, los sistemas operativos (OS/2, Windows NT etc.)… …   Wikipedia Español

  • thunk — sound of impact, attested from 1952, echoic …   Etymology dictionary

  • thunk — ☆ thunk1 [thuŋk ] n. [echoic] an abrupt, muffled sound, as of an ax hitting a tree trunk vi. to make such a sound thunk2 [thuŋk] vt., vi. Dial. pt. & pp. of THINK1 …   English World dictionary

  • Thunk — The word thunk has at least three related meanings in computer science. A thunk may be: * a piece of code to perform a delayed computation (similar to a closure) * a feature of some virtual function table implementations (similar to a wrapper… …   Wikipedia

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  • thunk — 1. verb /θʌŋk/ to strike against something, without breakage, making a thunk sound Who would have thunk those guys would have a problem with a little lye? 2. noun /θʌŋk/ a) a delayed computation b) In the Scheme programming language, a function… …   Wiktionary

  • Thunk — jocular past tense or past participle of think : I thunk and thunk (by analogy with sink/sunk ) …   Dictionary of Australian slang

  • thunk — I Australian Slang jocular past tense or past participle of think : I thunk and thunk (by analogy with sink/sunk ) II Mawdesley Glossary a leather boot lace, a leather thong …   English dialects glossary

  • thunk — I. dialect past and past participle of think II. noun Etymology: imitative Date: 1947 a flat hollow sound III. intransitive verb Date: 1949 to produce a flat hollow sound ; make a thunk …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • thunk — thunk1 /thungk/, n. 1. an abrupt, dull sound: the thunk of a shutting window. v.i. 2. to make such a sound: The window thunked shut. [1945 50; b. THUD and CLUNK] thunk2 /thungk/, v. Nonstandard. a pt. and pp. of think1. * * * …   Universalium

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