Trev,\ Pike,\ Pikey

Wear sporty or designer clothes only. Tend to look as if the entire pot of hair gel was emptied on hair - if they aren't skinheads. Aftershave you can smell from several metres away. White or fluorescent bright clothes.
The fundamental difference between Trevs and Pikes/Pikeys is that Pikeys have attitude problems and often try to start fights by saying in an agressive tone Wa'chu lookin' at? - regardless of whether you're looking at them or not.
Generally like either pop music or garage music - really, just anything that anyone else likes because they have no powers of free thought. A wild night out is one spent on a street corner or under a bus shelter drinking cider or Bacardi breezers. Anything else is too expensive or too alcoholic. Trevs and Pikes/Pikeys are now popping up in tops that advertise them as Moshers or Rock Chicks. They obviously are not. You don't advertise who you are. You're just who you are.

Look, a bunch of Trevs and Pikes on that corner. Drinking cider. Course they are!

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