Backlash against WAP technology that was oversold to consumers

After the WAPlash, people are questioning all forms of mobile connectivity

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  • WAPlash — (WAP.lash) n. The backlash against accessing the Internet using a WAP enabled cell phone or other wireless device. Also: WAP lash or WAP lash. Example Citation: This week we look at one of the snappiest words to talk its way into the language of… …   New words

  • Cell Phones — aging ear Apple picking approximeeting beeper boy bluejacking butt call BYOD candy bar phone …   New words

  • Evernet — n. Internet access that is instantly and always available from a number of different devices. Example Citation: This Israeli motorist with a cell phone in each ear, driving with his elbows, gets my vote as the poster boy for the social disease of …   New words

  • Gadgets and Appliances — annotated reality antigriddle Apple picking appliance garage barfogenesis battery boutique beeper sitter …   New words

  • Internet — altmetrics ambient findability arachnerd bid shielding bitcom black hole resort blog blogosphere …   New words

  • WAPathy — n. The general lack of interest in WAP (Wireless Application Protocol), the technology that enables Web pages to be viewed on the latest generation of cell phones. Example Citation: Most people have barely heard of WAP phones the mobiles which… …   New words

  • Wi-Fi — (WYE fye) n. Wireless fidelity: a networking scheme that creates a wireless connection between a device and a network or the Internet (cf. hi fi). Also: WiFi. Example Citation: From the home, we move to public access spaces. Working with… …   New words

  • Wireless — ambient findability bluejacking crackberry digital nomad DWT location awareness mobisode neurosecurit …   New words

  • bikelash — n. A strong, negative reaction towards cyclists, particularly by police officers or drivers. Also: bike lash. Example Citations: Call it a bikelash! The NYPD has been ordered to begin a borough wide crack down that will hit renegade riders for… …   New words

  • m-commerce — n. Mobile commerce: the processing of payments through a cell phone or handheld organizer. Example Citation: Vending machines are a favorite example among those peddling the m commerce concept. Rather than stand in front of a soda machine fishing …   New words

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