when someone can't hear on thier cell phone because of static.(I find this very annoying.)

he's cell-yelling and It's really bothering me.

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  • cell yell — n. Excessively loud cell phone talking. Also: cell yell. Example Citation: Before the cell phone, theatergoers rushed to the lobby during intermissions simply for a quick smoke. Now they hurry out to shout (the cell yell, it s called) into their… …   New words

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  • SAR — acronym. Specific absorption rate: the rate at which the electromagnetic radiation emissions from a cell phone or other wireless device are absorbed by bodily tissue. Example Citation: Beginning in December, cell phonemakers will put this SAR… …   New words

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  • DWY — (DEE dub.ul yoo.wy) abbr. Driving while yakking driving a car while talking on a cell phone. Example Citation: Officers have their hands full already, and unless the legislature makes the fine higher than the $ 25 proposed in these bills, cops… …   New words

  • magnetic wood — n. Wood packed with magnetic particles that absorb microwave radio signals, particularly those emitted by cell phones. Example Citations: Americans seeking a legal way to jam cell phones can look into passive jamming technologies. For instance,… …   New words

  • thumb culture — (THUM kul.chur; th as in thin) n. People who are skilled at using their thumbs to manipulate objects such as cell phone keys, small joysticks, and notebook computer pointers. Example Citation: Indeed, Japan is the model for a wireless… …   New words

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