1. Frighteningly virginal or wholesome, with an unhealthy liking of puppies, kittens, fluffy bunnies, bows, and the colour pink.
2. Fearsomely red, having a shade of redness that inspires awe and fear.
3. The flavour of really cheap cherry-flavoured cough syrup.

1. The 13-year-old who maintains that Sailor Moon page is a little too cherryscary for me.

2a. Yaz'Mati, the mighty king of the efreet, is very cherryscary, indeed. 2b. Ignatz's face became all cherryscary when I walked in on him biting the wax tadpole in his room.

3. I had to take some cough syrup to get to sleep, and I woke up with that cherryscary taste in my mouth.

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