To wander around, seemingly aimlessly, but usually with some sort of purpose - although somone chuntering is easily distracted.

Tom: Have you seen Harry?

Dick: Yeah, he's chuntering around somewhere..

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  • chunter — [chun′tər] vi. Brit. 1. to mutter or murmur 2. to make a low, rumbling noise …   English World dictionary

  • chunter — verb /ˈtʃʌn.tə,ˈtʃʌn.tɚ/ a) To speak in a soft, indistinct manner, mutter. Ron continued to chunter under his breath all the way down the street. b) To grumble, complain. “Since she had another seat and was quite comfortable, we smiled and let… …   Wiktionary

  • chunter — /ˈtʃʌntə/ (say chuntuh) verb (i) 1. to move in a leisurely fashion: to chunter along the path. –phrase 2. chunter on, Colloquial to speak at tedious length. {imitative} …   Australian English dictionary

  • chunter — /chun teuhr/, v.i. Brit. Informal. to grumble or grouse mildly or tediously. [1590 1600; orig. dial. (Midlands, N England) chunter, chunder, chunner; cf. Scots channer in same sense; expressive word of obscure orig.] * * * …   Universalium

  • chunter — vb British to nag or complain, especially inces santly and in an undertone. Chunter is a common form throughout Britain, while chunner is a northern and Midlands var iant. The word is imitative of the sound. ► What are you chuntering on about? …   Contemporary slang

  • chunter — intransitive verb Etymology: probably of imitative origin Date: 1599 British to talk in a low inarticulate way ; mutter …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • chunter — Yorkshire Dialect Mutter …   English dialects glossary

  • chunter — v. mutter, grumble (British usage) …   English contemporary dictionary

  • chunter — verb Brit. informal 1》 chatter or grumble monotonously. 2》 move slowly and noisily. Origin C17: prob. imitative …   English new terms dictionary

  • chunter — Verb. Meaning the same as chunner . Informal …   English slang and colloquialisms

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