Orig: Tolkien. Apparently a contraction of confuse and frustrate, often used as a very mild curse to place upon someone who has vexed you.

Confusticate him, he put my sneakers in the icebox again.

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  • confusticate — mid 19c., a fantastical Amer.Eng. coinage from confound or confuse, perhaps originally in minstrel show comedy, along with confubuscate, conflabberated, etc …   Etymology dictionary

  • confusticate — verb /kənˈfʌstəkeɪt/ To confuse, confound or perplex. Massa Clifford’s eye sezs, plain as eber eye did, dat de niggers dat ’specs to confusticate him, mus’ be smarter dan eber yer was, or will be ter de fift’ generation …   Wiktionary

  • confusticate — …   Useful english dictionary

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