to bring cuteness to, to assign a factor of cute to something. If gone too far, this can be very annoying.

Sammie knew it had gone to far when his friend tried to cutify everything by calling bananas bananies, and forks forkies.

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  • cutify — cutify, v. (ˈkjuːtɪfaɪ) [f. L. type *cutificāre, f. cutis skin: see fy.] intr. To form skin. in Cent. Dict …   Useful english dictionary

  • cutify — verb a) To form skin.<ref name= century /> A small area of the fundus protruded between the lips of the wound and was left to cutify. b) To make cute. “ wouldn’t even eat in the same restaurants or stay in the same hotels as ,” she was… …   Wiktionary

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