1. Offensive term for people who are not able to operate computers or program VCRs.
2. Uneducated: having an inadequate education in or knowledge of a computers, or none at all; digitally illiterate
3. making many language mistakes: full of or making many basic errors in the use of improper coding.
pl. digi·lit·er·ates
offensive term: an offensive term for somebody who lacks education and knowledge, especially somebody who cannot read or write code
(15th century. From Latin illiterat(t)us , literally not lettered, from lit(t)eratus lettered, learned (see literate).)
adv. digi·lit·er·ate·ly
n. digi·lit·er·ate·ness

The schmuck the boss hired to fix this program is a complete digilliterate.

My mother-in-law is a digilliterate. She couldn't program a freakin' toaster!

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