This term describes one who is going to or has been educated in some sort of way

Yes, I am now edumacated. OR He's going to get edumacated at the college.

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  • ken — I Scottish Vernacular Dictionary Know, understand. Example: Ah ken whit ah wid dae. (I know what I would do) verb: to know, understand Used by carrot crunchers*, bumpkins** and a few teuchters*** who are insufficiently edumacated to realise that… …   English dialects glossary

  • edumacate — /ˈɛdʒəməkeɪt/ (say ejuhmuhkayt) verb (t) (edumacated, edumacating) Colloquial (humorous) to educate. {play on educate with the implication that the person addressed is ignorant} …   Australian English dictionary

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