To try to find pages that have your name on them in hyperspace.

Next time I go egosurfing, I should be able to find my name at www.

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  • egosurf — verb To search the Internet for references to ones name or works in order to gratify ones ego …   Wiktionary

  • egosurf — …   Useful english dictionary

  • Egosurfing — (also called vanity searching, egosearching, egogoogling, autogoogling, self googling, or simply Googling yourself) is the practice of searching for one s own given name, surname, full name, pseudonym, or screen name on a popular search engine,… …   Wikipedia

  • egosurfing — pp. Using a search engine to locate and read pages, posts, articles, and other online content that mentions your name. egosurf v. Example Citation: Are you curious to see where your name appears online? If so, you might have tried asking your… …   New words

  • Эгосёрфинг — Эгосёрфинг[1] (от лат. ego я, себя и англ. surfing сёрфинг, скольжение по волнам) поиск своей фамилии, ника, адреса электронной почты и прочих личных данных в Интернете, как правило, через поисковые системы (Яндекс, Google и т. п.) Также может… …   Википедия

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