flop\ out

to fall asleep almost instantly

I was so tired the other day, I flopped out as soon as I got home.

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  • Flop-hit — Flop hit, a term coined by American critic Frank Rich in his book The Hot Seat , refers to a theatrical production (often on Broadway, where economics are difficult) that appears to be a hit but turns out to lose money (a flop ). The mechanics of …   Wikipedia

  • flop — [n] miserable failure bomb, bust, debacle, disaster, dud*, fiasco, lemon*, loser, miscarriage, nonstarter, washout*; concepts 674,699 Ant. accomplishment, achievement, success flop [v1] fall limply, collapse dangle, droop, drop, flag, flap,… …   New thesaurus

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  • flop — 1. verb 1) he flopped into a chair Syn: collapse, slump, crumple, subside, sink, drop 2) his hair flopped over his eyes Syn: hang (down), dangle, droop, sag, loll 3) informa …   Thesaurus of popular words

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