To spend countless hours waffling extensively about any and every issue raised in a discussion.
An important aspect is that the waffling is usually in opposition to the raised issue as set forth by the original flosser. Waffling by any-person-other-than-self or by pseudo-opinionaters challenges the original speaker's position as well as understanding of the issue. Ultimately, flossofising tends to (a) confirm the flosser's original position, (b) thrash the argument to pieces by pedantically picking at every possible flaw, and (c) start off as a mock-fight eventually leading to real and often heated arguments. The flosser is usually left with a feeling of despair when she realises how futile the whole excercise has been.

Damian decided to go on holidays for a few months to leave all the rest behind to flossofise on life, while he went to live his.

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