In the manner of an asshole, behaving like a jerk.

Gee-whiz, Walter, spitting in that man's soup was genuinely assholic of you.

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  • assholic — adjective Of, pertaining to, being, or being like an asshole; …   Wiktionary

  • dilbert — (DIL.burt) v. To cause a person to become bored or cynical about work. Example Citation: Can you imagine efficient private companies still working only with paper? How many man hours must be dilberted away? How many delays? How many errors or… …   New words

  • assholian — A variation on assholic behavior that is particularly in the manner of an asshole; inordinately unpleasant behavior. My brother was being truly assholian last night, playing his XBOX when I wanted to watch Half Baked …   Dictionary of american slang

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