I'm not sure if this is a word. There is a quiz at work asking: What is a grabotologist? I can't find anything on the internet about it. Can someone please help.

When he was younger, Norman Grabowski acted in movies, billed sometimes just as Grabowski. The earliest movie I remember seeing him in was High School Confidential!, and I think it was his first. (Norm wasn't the star - Mamie Van Doren was, no matter that she may not be listed first in the credits.) In the 1960s, Grabowski made several beach movies as well as some with Elvis Presley. He continued making films through the 1970s. His last feature film was The Cannonball Run, with Burt Reynolds, in 1981. says this about him: In addition to being an actor, Grabowski is also known as an award-winning custom car designer. His hot rods and street rods are well known and respected in the industry and command top prices. Through a mutual friend, I met Norm Grabowski and learned that he's also a world-class woodcarver. You may find some of the movies Norm made referred to as B-Movies. Maybe some are, but Norm and his work get A-pluses all over the world. Norm, we wish you well. You're a hellacool guy.

So that's where your word comes from. Grabotology, the study of Norman Grabowski and his works. A grabotologist is one who practices grabotology.

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