opp of disgruntled. To be content. A state of contentment. Happy or pleased.

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  • gruntled — /grunˈtəld/ (facetious) adjective Happy, pleased, in good humour ORIGIN: Back formation from ↑disgruntled …   Useful english dictionary

  • gruntled — adjective satisfied. He spoke with a certain what is it in his voice, and I could see that, if not actually disgruntled, he was far from being gruntled. Ant: disgruntled …   Wiktionary

  • gruntled — adj satisfied, gratified. A jocular back for mation from the standard disgruntled (in which gruntle in fact means grum ble and is related to grunt). This rare word is typically used by educated speakers, saloon bar philosophers and amateur or… …   Contemporary slang

  • gruntled — v. grunt repeatedly; pacify, cause someone to be in good spirits …   English contemporary dictionary

  • gruntled — adjective humorous pleased; satisfied. Origin 1930s: back form. from disgruntled …   English new terms dictionary

  • gruntle — transitive verb (gruntled; gruntling) Etymology: back formation from disgruntle Date: 1926 to put in a good humor < were gruntled with a good meal and good conversation W. P. Webb > …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • Back-formation — In etymology, back formation refers to the process of creating a new lexeme (less precisely, a new word ) by removing actual or supposed affixes. The resulting neologism is called a back formation , a term coined by James Murray [… …   Wikipedia

  • List of English back-formations — Back formation refers to either the process of creating a new lexeme (less precisely, a new word ) by removing actual or supposed affixes, or to the neologism formed by such a process. Back formations are shortened words created from longer words …   Wikipedia

  • gruntle — 1938, in gruntled pleased, satisfied, a back formation from DISGRUNTLED (Cf. disgruntled). The original verb (early 15c.) meant to utter a little or low grunt …   Etymology dictionary

  • EGC — Extrememly Gruntled Customer …   Glossary of chat acronyms & text shorthand

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