Combinaton of the words banal and analysis. Banalysis is explanation of the obvious, ususally in a manner of presumed importance. For example, if someone tells you stocks are rising because investors are buying, that's banalysis.

Cory's going to present some more banalysis at the meeting on Tuesday.

Dictionary of american slang with examples. .

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  • banalysis — (BAY.nal.uh.sis or buh.NAL.uh.sys) n. Analysis or reasoning that is commonplace, trivial, or trite. Example Citation: All this would make food for thought, if only the public, in undiminished and indeed ever growing numbers, did not demonstrate… …   New words

  • banalysis — noun Banal, facile or trite analysis that provides no insight …   Wiktionary

  • Insults — 404 anus envy arm candy banalysis barking head bashtag big hair house biostitute …   New words

  • Stepford — (STEP.furd) adj. Relating to a person who has an unthinking, conformist, and uncritical attitude. Example Citation: The aural companion to the Joel and Ethan Coen film [ O Brother, Where Art Thou? ] starring George Clooney has made believers out… …   New words

  • barking head — n. A pundit or commentator who speaks in a loud voice and whose comments tend to be abrasive, aggressive, and partisan. Example Citation: Try finding a discussion of these issues on any news network. The barking heads who usurp the space of… …   New words

  • chartjunk — n. Chart elements that serve no purpose or hinder understanding of the chart s data. Also: chart junk. Example Citations: The classic example is the use of dot headed figures to convey quantities; this clutters up the chart without adding any… …   New words

  • chatterati — (chat.uh.RAT.ty) n. The elite members of the chattering classes. Example Citation: While the London chatterati think a Labour landslide is a turn off, the Scottish middle classes are quite willing to participate in inevitable triumphs for the… …   New words

  • commentariat — n. Pundits, experts, analysts, and other commentators. Example Citation: The polls showed that people did not trust [Clinton], even more than they did not trust him the week before; but they still supported him. It could only be a matter of time …   New words

  • punditeer — (pun.duh.TEER) n. A young and inexperienced critic or commentator. Example Citation: Washingtonians still cling to their notions of power, even as the city s importance is draining away. Instead of great cold war statesmen, we have Clinton,… …   New words

  • schmooseoisie — n. The class of people who make their living by talking. Example Citation: After the Yuppies and the Nimbys, the Dwems, Wasps, and Simpkins, you might have thought we had had all the American social classifications we could handle. However, we… …   New words

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