Laughing loudly when checking your non-work-related emails at work. It appears to others you are laughing for no apparent reason.

Sorry guys, didn't mean to lolly like that, but this email is just....

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  • Lolly — may refer to:*Lolly (singer), a British pop star *Lolly Allen, a fictional character in the Australian soap opera Neighbours *Lolly Badcock, a Brtitish porn star *Lolly Gobble Bliss Bombs, an Australian snack food *In British English: **A short… …   Wikipedia

  • lolly — lol‧ly [ˈlɒli ǁ ˈlɑːli] noun [uncountable] informal old fashioned money: • He must be rolling in lolly. * * * lolly UK US /ˈlɒli/ noun [U] UK INFORMAL MONEY ► mone …   Financial and business terms

  • lolly — 1854, short for LOLLIPOP (Cf. lollipop). In 20c. British slang, also money …   Etymology dictionary

  • lolly — ► NOUN (pl. lollies) informal 1) chiefly Brit. a lollipop. 2) Austral./NZ a boiled sweet. 3) Brit. money …   English terms dictionary

  • lolly — [lä′lē] n. pl. lollies [contr. < LOLLYPOP] [Brit. Slang] Brit. Slang 1. money 2. piece of hard candy …   English World dictionary

  • lolly — pene; miembro sexual masculino; se escribe tambien loly ; cf. pico, pequén, pichula, penca, cochayuyo, diuca, pirulo, tula, aparato, pelado, Pepito, como el lolly; se sacó los calzoncillos y tenía un ma …   Diccionario de chileno actual

  • lolly — UK [ˈlɒlɪ] / US [ˈlɑlɪ] noun Word forms lolly : singular lolly plural lollies British 1) [countable] an ice lolly 2) [countable] a lollipop 3) [uncountable] informal an old fashioned word for money …   English dictionary

  • lolly — n British money. A well established, light hearted word which was popular in the 1950s and 1960s and enjoyed a revival, significantly, in the Thatcher years (the mid and late 1980s), when many obsolescent euphemisms for money had received a new… …   Contemporary slang

  • lolly — [[t]lɒ̱li[/t]] lollies N COUNT A lolly is the same as a lollipop. [mainly BRIT] → See also ice lolly …   English dictionary

  • lolly — /lol ee/, n., pl. lollies. 1. lollipop. 2. Brit. Informal. a. a piece of candy, esp. hard candy. b. a treat. c. a small bribe or gratuity. d. money. 3. do one s lolly, Australian Slang. to lose one s temper. [1765 75; shortening of LOLLYPOP] * *… …   Universalium

  • lolly — lol|ly [ˈlɔli US ˈla:li] n plural lollies BrE informal [Date: 1800 1900; Origin: lollipop] 1.) frozen juice or ice cream on a stick = ↑ice lolly 2.) a hard sweet made of boiled sugar on a stick = ↑lollipop …   Dictionary of contemporary English

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