Scrambled absolutely and positively.

I am absotively-posilutely sure about that.

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  • absotively (posilutely) — [“aebsa”tivli paza”lutli] mod. absolutely; decidedly. □ I will be there at ten, absotively posilutely. □ I am absotively exhausted! …   Dictionary of American slang and colloquial expressions

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  • Gallagher and Shean — Gallagher Shean was a highly successful double act on vaudeville and Broadway in the 1910s and 1920s, consisting of Edward Gallagher (1873 March 28, 1929) and Al Shean (real name Albert Schoenberg) (May 12, 1868 August 12, 1949). The comedians… …   Wikipedia

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