no\ wuckers

Derived from the Aussie expression 'no wucking furries'. Swap the first letter of wucking and furries and you see what I'm getting at here.

You want a root? No wuckers!

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  • wuckers — /ˈwʌkəz/ (say wukuhz) phrase no wuckers, Colloquial (an exclamation dismissing problems). Also, no wucks. {from wuck(ing furries) + ers. See worry (def. 14) …   Australian English dictionary

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  • no worries — That s fine, okay, no problem. This colloquial version of the phrase not to worry is very common in Australia, and also occurs in other forms such as no worries, mate , no wuckers , and nurries . It implies that everything will come right, or be… …   Australian idioms

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