not much

Q: What have you been up to latly?

A: Nuch, how bout u?

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  • nuch — eu·nuch; eu·nuch·ism; eu·nuch·ize; eu·nuch·oid·ism; eu·nuch·ry; eu·nuch·oid; eu·nuch·oi·dal; …   English syllables

  • nuch — 1. adverb /nʌtʃ/ Not much, hardly, barely, to an insignificant degree. 2. interjection /nʌtʃ/ A response to the greeting/question Whats up? Dude! Sup? Nuch …   Wiktionary

  • nuch — a (ML). The nape …   Dictionary of word roots and combining forms

  • NÜCH (NECÂH) — Zafer bulmak. Hâlâs olmak. Kurtulmak. İhtiyaçlarını giderip zafer bulmak …   Yeni Lügat Türkçe Sözlük

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  • eu|nuch|ism — «YOO nuh kihz uhm», noun. 1. the condition of a castrated male. 2. the former practice of castrating males to preserve their soprano singing voices or to prepare them for the priesthood, guardianship of harems, and similar duties: »Eunuchism,… …   Useful english dictionary

  • eu|nuch|oid|ism — «YOO nuh koy DIHZ uhm», noun. a condition in which the testes are present but have become atrophied and inactive …   Useful english dictionary

  • eu|nuch|oid — «YOO nuh koyd», adjective. 1. affected by eunuchoidism. 2. Figurative. emasculated; womanish; henpecked: »Nevertheless, shading into the new image is the old Clerk of Oxford prim, vaguely eunuchoid, and cloistered (David Boroff) …   Useful english dictionary

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