Short with a stocky or muscular build.

Chad's real nuggety - don't you reckon he'd make a great rugby player?

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  • nuggety — /ˈnʌgəti/ (say nuguhtee) adjective 1. of or resembling a nugget. 2. Colloquial (of a person) of short but sturdy build: *he was a nuggety little hairy man with no expression to be seen for whiskers. –henry lawson, 1901. 3. Colloquial (of an… …   Australian English dictionary

  • nuggety — gəd.ē adjective 1. : having or resembling a nugget : occurring in nuggets; also : covered with small rocks 2. Australia : short and thickset : compact a sardonic nuggety old prospector George Farwell …   Useful english dictionary

  • nuggety — adjective having the characteristics of a nugget …   Wiktionary

  • Nuggety — (of a person) solidly built; stocky …   Dictionary of Australian slang

  • nuggety — Australian Slang (of a person) solidly built; stocky …   English dialects glossary

  • nuggety — nÊŒgÉ™tɪ adj. chunky, lumpy …   English contemporary dictionary

  • nuggety — nug·gety …   English syllables

  • nugget — nuggety, adj. /nug it/, n. 1. a lump of something, as of precious metal. 2. a lump of native gold. 3. anything of great value, significance, or the like: nuggets of wisdom. 4. a bite size piece of chicken, fish, etc., usually batter fried. 5.… …   Universalium

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