peeve,\ peeved

An annoyance, to be annoyed.

Stop peeving me, I'm trying to study.

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  • peeved — ☆ peeved [pēvd ] adj. [pp. of PEEVE] irritated; annoyed …   English World dictionary

  • peeve — (v.) 1908, back formation from PEEVISH (Cf. peevish). As a noun, attested by 1911. Related: Peeved; peeves …   Etymology dictionary

  • peeve — ☆ peeve [pēv ] vt. peeved, peeving [back form. < PEEVISH] Informal to make peevish or bad tempered; annoy n. Informal 1. an object of dislike; annoyance 2. a peevish state SYN. IRRITATE …   English World dictionary

  • peeved — adjective aroused to impatience or anger made an irritated gesture feeling nettled from the constant teasing peeved about being left out felt really pissed at her snootiness riled no end by his lies roiled by the delay • Syn …   Useful english dictionary

  • peeve — /piv/ (say peev) Colloquial –verb (t) (peeved, peeving) 1. to render peevish. –noun 2. an annoyance: my pet peeve. {backformation from peevish} –peeved, adjective …   Australian English dictionary

  • peeve — /peev/, v., peeved, peeving, n. v.t. 1. to render peevish; annoy. n. 2. a source of annoyance or irritation: Tardiness is one of my greatest peeves. 3. an annoyed or irritated mood: to be in a peeve. [1905 10, Amer.; back formation from PEEVISH]… …   Universalium

  • peeve — I. transitive verb (peeved; peeving) Etymology: back formation from peevish Date: 1910 to make peevish or resentful ; annoy Synonyms: see irritate II. noun Date: 1911 1. a feeli …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • peeved — peevedly /pee vid lee, peevd /, adv. peevedness, n. /peevd/, adj. annoyed; irritated; vexed. [1905 10, Amer.; PEEVE + ED2] * * * …   Universalium

  • peeve — 1. noun An annoyance or grievance. 2. verb To annoy; vex. He was peeved to note that his work had been undone …   Wiktionary

  • peeve — informal verb annoy; irritate: he was peeved at being left out. noun a cause of annoyance. Origin early 20th cent.: back form. from peevish …   English new terms dictionary

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