A stock-brocker who does not meet his monthly quota or does bare minmum to get by.
An individual who has no monetary worth or cuts corners trying to save money.

Matt. who cleans pools part time to make ends meet, is known as a piker to his more affluent peers.

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  • Piker — may refer to:*Miranda Piker, a character cut from the book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl before publicationPiker may also be: *Cheapskate *Skinflint *Penny pincher *Vagrantee also*Pike (disambiguation) …   Wikipedia

  • piker — (n.) miserly person, 1872, formerly poor migrant to California (1860), earlier pike (1854), perhaps originally vagrant who wanders the PIKE (Cf. pike) (n.1) (which is the notion in Sussex dialectal piker vagrant, tramp, gypsy, 1838), but Barnhart …   Etymology dictionary

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  • piker — [“paika* ] 1. n. a miser; a cheapskate. (Also a term of address.) □ You cheap little piker! Beat it! DA 5 percent tip? You piker! 2. n. a lazy person; a shirker. □ All right, you pikers. Pick up your shovels and get back to work. □ C …   Dictionary of American slang and colloquial expressions

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  • piker — I. /ˈpaɪkə / (say puykuh) noun Colloquial 1. someone who opts out of an arrangement or challenge or does not do their fair share. 2. someone who gambles, speculates, etc., in a small, cautious way: *I wasn t a piker either. I knew my horses. I… …   Australian English dictionary

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