Skeptical + optimistic. Optimistic, but with a bit of skepticism thrown in.

Our team's pretty good, but I'm a bit skeptimistic about their chances of beating Jenks.

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  • skeptimistic — adj. Simultaneously skeptical and optimistic. skeptimist n. skeptimism n. Example Citations: Well, if we collectively understood the imminent danger to our way of life, we might change. But history is full of examples that show people don t… …   New words

  • Sociology (General) — Sociology General acoustic privacy adorkable age heaping anticipointment antiskeptic banana problem behalfism …   New words

  • antiskeptic — n. A person who believes everything they hear. Also: anti skeptic. Example Citation: Whether he jumped or was pushed, Vince Neil is gone and Motley Crue is all the better for it. From the opening notes of the anti critic, anti skeptic, anti… …   New words

  • defensive pessimism — (di.FEN.siv n. A strategy that anticipates a negative outcome and then takes steps to avoid that outcome. defensive pessimist n. Example Citation: Defensive pessimism can be reduced to a three step mental rehearsal. First, approach …   New words

  • disconfirmation bias — n. The tendency to actively refute or discount evidence that challenges a belief. Example Citations: In other words, when we think we re reasoning, we may instead be rationalizing. Or to use an analogy offered by University of Virginia… …   New words

  • dittoheads — n. People who mindlessly agree on an issue or idea because it fits in with their ideology or because they are followers of the person who put forth the idea in the first place. Also: ditto heads. Example Citations: But she admits that out in her… …   New words

  • dysrationalia — n. The tendency to think or act irrationally in certain situations, despite having sufficient intelligence. dysrational adj. Example Citations: In 1994, Stanovich began comparing people s scores on rationality tests with their scores on… …   New words

  • filter bubble — n. Search results, recommendations, and other online data that have been filtered to match your interests, thus preventing you from seeing data outside of those interests. Example Citations: Those same kind of surprises don t seem to happen to me …   New words

  • grey-sky thinking — n. Negative or pessimistic thoughts, ideas, or solutions. Also: Grey sky thinking, grey skies thinking. Example Citations: Grey sky thinking might be a better way of putting it. Officials at Glasgow City Council have been told to indulge in blue… …   New words

  • hopium — n. The irrational belief that, despite all evidence to the contrary, things will turn out for the best. Also: hopeium, hope ium. [Hope + opium.] Example Citations: You d better not shout, pout or cry because you know who might be coming to town.… …   New words

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