Truncated form of slippery.

Be careful on your commute to work; the ice storm made the roads slippy.

Dictionary of american slang with examples. .

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  • slippy — ► ADJECTIVE (slippier, slippiest) informal ▪ slippery. ● look (or be) slippy Cf. ↑look slippy …   English terms dictionary

  • Slippy — Slip py, a. [AS. slipeg.] Slippery. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • slippy — [slip′ē] adj. 1. [Informal or Dial.] SLIPPERY 2. [Brit. Informal] alert; sharp; quick …   English World dictionary

  • slippy — UK [ˈslɪpɪ] / US adjective Word forms slippy : adjective slippy comparative slippier superlative slippiest British informal slippery …   English dictionary

  • slippy — adjective slippery It was darker now and there were stones and bits of wood on the strand and slippy seaweed …   Wiktionary

  • slippy — I Mawdesley Glossary slipery, be slippy be quick. II North Country (Newcastle) Words slippery …   English dialects glossary

  • slippy — slip|py [ˈslıpi] adj BrE informal a slippy surface or object is slippery …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • slippy — adjective (slippier, slippiest) informal slippery. Phrases look (or be) slippy Brit. dated be quick. Derivatives slippiness noun …   English new terms dictionary

  • slippy — adjective informal a slippy surface or object is difficult to hold, walk on etc because it is wet or greasy …   Longman dictionary of contemporary English

  • slippy — /ˈslɪpi/ (say slipee) adjective Colloquial 1. slippery. 2. nimble, quick, or sharp: *Come on, look slippy now! –george johnston, 1964. {slip1 + p + y1} –slippiness, noun …   Australian English dictionary

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