Whatever it is that has managed to land on your person.

Jim was eating pudding and he now has some smooge on his shirt.

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  • smooge — intransitive verb see smoodge …   Useful english dictionary

  • smoodge — (also smooge) Austral./NZ informal verb 1》 behave amorously. 2》 behave in an ingratiating manner. noun 1》 a display of amorous affection. 2》 an act or instance of being ingratiating. Derivatives smoodger noun Origin early 20th cent.: prob. an alt …   English new terms dictionary

  • smoodge — /smudʒ / (say smoohj) verb (i) (smoodged, smoodging) Colloquial 1. to kiss; caress. 2. to flatter; curry favour. Also, smooge. {probably from British dialect} –smoodger, noun –smoodging, noun …   Australian English dictionary

  • smoodge — v.intr. (also smooge) Austral. & NZ 1 behave in a fawning or ingratiating manner. 2 behave amorously. Etymology: prob. var. of dial. smudge kiss, sidle up to, beg in a sneaking way …   Useful english dictionary

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