1. v.
1) To eat messily, noisily, and quickly; also, to have food come out of one's facial orifices.

I snarfed my lunch because I only had ten minutes to eat.

2) To consume totally and in secret.

Hey, Chris shouted, who snarfed all the biscuits?

2. n.
1) an unlikeable, ugly, or unappealing person
2) A unit of measurement, roughly equal to 1/16th of an inch (approx. 1.6mm)
Can be divided into an arf (one-half snarf, 1/32nd inch) and an rf (one-quarter snarf, 1/64th).

Hey Bobby! This piece of wood you cut is too long. Take a snarf more off, would ya?

3) Drinking and then spraying liquid out your nose.

Hahaha! You flat out snarfed that Sprite. Want a tissue?

4) getting a great item at a low price at an antique auction

I really snarffed up that item fast

Dictionary of american slang with examples. .

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