like a typo, but when you are talking

Yes, in one swell foop. Oops! I made a speako - what I meant to say was in one fell swoop...

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  • speako — (SPEE.koh) n. An error in speaking, especially when dictating to a voice recognition system. Example Citation: Speech recognition systems are seeing increased use in warehouses, although users must avoid substituting speakos for typos when… …   New words

  • speako — Gen Mgt a mistake made by a computer while using a speech recognition program (slang) …   The ultimate business dictionary

  • speako — …   Useful english dictionary

  • Language (General) — Language General amphibological antigram antilanguage aptagram autological beforemath Bubbonics camouflanguage …   New words

  • Las Vegas voice — n. A throat irritation caused by singing in smoky rooms. Example Citation: The modern Textbook of Performing Arts Medicine discusses Las Vegas Voice (strained vocal cords from working smoky rooms) and Fiddler s Neck (a skin condition caused by… …   New words

  • Netspeak — n. The words, idioms, and pecularities of spelling and grammar that are characteristic of online documents and communication. Example Citation: Perhaps the next great movement in English literature will somehow be fuelled by the new phenomenon of …   New words

  • frequency illusion — n. The tendency to notice instances of a particular phenomenon once one starts to look for it, and to therefore believe erroneously that the phenomenon occurs frequently. Example Citations: The word issues bothers a fair number of people,… …   New words

  • misophonia — n. An extreme intolerance or hatred for certain sounds. misophonic adj. Example Citations: For people with a condition that some scientists call misophonia, mealtime can be torture. The sounds of other people eating chewing, chomping, slurping,… …   New words

  • thumbo — n. An error made while using the thumbs to type, particularly on a mobile device keypad. [Blend of thumb and typo.] Example Citations: How do you get rid of thumbos, those cellphone message typos? Practice. And some handy tips. Touch Type With… …   New words

  • typosquatter — n. A person who registers one or more Internet domain names based on the most common typographical errors that a user might commit when entering a company s registered trademark name (e.g., amazom.com). Example Citation: However, little has been… …   New words

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